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Willie Wilson, the lead musician of the contemporary jazz group Clear Vision and member of the Duo group Saxallogy, has been playing keyboard and soprano saxophone for over twenty years.  His knowledge of synthesizers and the revolution that has occurred, in the digital music world is profoundly heard in his music. Willie started playing Keys when he was in the Air Force, during that period he played in a variety of groups from Jazz to Gospel.

His desire to play Soprano saxophone came from composing original keyboards instrumentals that needed that extra something, that only a saxophone could supply.   He gravitated to the soprano saxophone influence by Grover Washington and of course Kenny G.  He played in various outings until he got together with a relative of his, basses Tyron Mack.  They formed a duo called Clear Vision; later late guitarist Steve Samuel joined the group.  Recently Willie got together with his nephew alto saxophonist David Glymph to form a duo called Saxallogy.   Willie Soprano sax lines run smoothly between his keyboard compositions, creating a silky-smooth vibe that sure to please any audience.  When he plays live, one of the most repeated comments that Willie gets about his music is that 'It sounds so professional, I thought it was a CD."  Willie wrote, composed, and recorded a CD of Smooth Jazz Keyboards Title Keys to the Kingdom.  Willie is a proud user of Yamaha motif series, Korg, Alesis, keyboards, Emu, Behringer, Antigua Winds, Arturia, reaper and Audio Technica wireless systems.

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